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Pricing Plans

Pricing_2 (1).png


  1. The above Plans are designed to provide flexibility of choice.

  2. Fee is all-inclusive and paid upfront.

  3. No other hidden charges.

  4. The Fee is per application of Facilities per Bank/NBFC/Lender. For examples,

  1. If a request for a Term Loan of AED 30 million is made in an application to ABCDE Bank and you choose “Premium ” plan; Fee is  ------------.    

  2. If a request for working capital of AED 10 million and Term of AED 20 million is made in one application to JKLM Bank and you choose “Premium Plus” plan; Fee is------------.   

  1. You could upgrade a Plan any time after payment of fee difference between the two Plans. For example, you could upgrade from “Premium ” to “Premium Plus” Plan by payment of difference in Fee of ----- between “Premium Plus” Plan and “Premium ” Plan.

  2. Pricing Plan as per above table is for New Facilities and annual renewal of existing Facilities.

Pricing Across Currencies

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