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  • Does MonyOrdr has any other charges for the facilities?
    MonyOrdr does not have any other hidden charge.
  • What are the various services performed by MonyOrdr?
    MonyOrdr does it all to successfully raise borrowings: Well drafted Facility Application for lenders; Financial Analysis; Financial Projections Analysis; Manage Q&A with Lenders; Video meetings with Lenders; Draft & negotiate Term sheet; Advise on Documentation; and Advise on Drawdown.
  • Why should we select MonyOrdr to mobilise Borrowings for our Company?
    MonyOrdr does it all for your borrowings: a. Free up your time to focus on business while we do the hard work for your borrowings. b. Provides an end-to-end solution to mobilise borrowings. c. Ensures quick turnaround for your borrowings d. Drafts a bespoke Facility Application for lenders, Financial Analysis, Financial Projections Analysis, Manages Q&A with lenders, Video meetings with lenders, Draft & negotiates Term-sheet, advises on Documentation, and Drawdown. e. Provides you with a complete solution for all your borrowings viz. Working Capital, Term Loan, Project Finance, Restructuring, Refinancing, Bridge Loan, Acquisition Finance, Finance against Shares, etc. f. Is price competitive.
  • Does MonyOrdr cover specific Industries?
    MonyOrdr covers borrowings for all Industries, some of the Industries covered include: Retailing, Healthcare, Services, Education, Real Estate, Contracting, Manufacturing, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Food & Beverages, etc.
  • How price competitive is MonyOrdr?
    MonyOrdr has bundled its services in five packages with each package of services being competitively priced. MonyOrdr charges a nominal fee, given in the Pricing Plan. MonyOrdr charges a nominal flat fee vis a vis a fee of 2% to 3% of the value of the Facility charged in the industry.
  • Is MonyOrdr only to mobilise new Facilities?
    In addition to mobilising New Facilities, MonyOrdrenablesthe annual renewal of your existing banking facilities, refinancing of your facilities, and restructuring of your existing facilities.
  • Do we have an option to choose the services provided by MonyOrdr?
    MonyOrdr has bundled its services into five packages. You have an option to choose a package of services to suit your requirement.
  • What are the advantages of borrowing thru MonyOrdr?
    Borrowings executed thru MonyOrdr has the following advantages: High success rate of Credit Approval; MonyOrdr understands the credit assessment requirements of Lenders Fast credit approval by Banks/ NBFCs; Free up your time spent to get facilities approved; Facilities approved by Banks in line with the request; Quick drawdown; and Price Competitive.
  • Why should we choose MonyOrdr for the annual renewal of existing Facilities?
    a. MonyOrdr appreciates that annual renewal of existing facilities is important for maintenance and enhancement of existing facilities. b. MonyOrdr free up your time to focus on business. c. MonyOrdr does it all for your annual renewal i.e., draft a bespoke Facility Application for the lender, Financial Analysis, Financial projections analysis, Manage Q&A with the lender, Video meetings with lender, Draft & negotiate Term-sheet, Documentation, and Drawdown. d. Quick turnaround.
  • What is MonyOrdr ?
    MonyOrdr is a Financing Enabler Platform developed with a focus to provide borrowing solutions. MonyOrdr is GCC-focused. We believe, GCC’s growing economies require bespoke financing solutions for Companies, that may not have timely and easy access to borrowings to meet their financing requirements. MonyOrdr was started to solve the difficulty companies face to access adequate and timely funds from Banks/NBFCs due to their prolonged application process, the tedious credit assessment, protracted documentation, and extensive drawdown process. We are a Financing Enabler Platform focussed on the mobilisation of borrowings, which is leveraged by our understanding of Financiers, their credit assessment process, and deep-rooted knowledge of several Industries.
  • Does MonyOrdr works with a certain set of Banks?
    MonyOrdr works with all Lenders i.e., Local Banks, Regional Banks, Multinational Banks, and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). MonyOrdr appreciates that each lender is different hence has a tailored approach while dealing with each of them. We do not have a certain set of preferred Banks.
  • Whom should I contact for any other clarification?
    Please contact us at for any clarification.
  • Should we attempt to raise borrowing on our own and if unsuccessful then engage MonyOrdr?
    Lenders do not like multiple approaches by the borrowers. Hence, it’s efficient to engage with Monyordr once you have firmed up your plan to mobilise borrowing. MonyOrdr ensures that the financing transaction is well presented to the Lender at the first attempt, its all-inclusive and meets all the requirements of lenders and their queries are timely responded to. MonyOrdr follows a structured approach towards borrowings that ensures success in mobilising borrowings.
  • Who chooses the lender?
    You choose the lender i.e., Bank or NBFC and we would work with that lender for your borrowing
  • Can I change the package of services after the work has started on the earlier selected package?
    You could upgrade the package anytime by paying the difference of fee between the two packages. For example, if you select the Premium package, which is priced at AED 5250/- and later decide to upgrade to the Premium Plus package which is priced at AED 6,500/-; the package change is affected by payment of AED 1,250/-.
  • Is it possible to downgrade the package of services? 
    You cannot downgradethe package of services already paid.
  • What is the minimum and maximum value of Facilities that we can apply on MonyOrdr?
    There is no restriction on the minimum and maximumvalue of facility that you could apply on MonyOrdr.
  • You choose the lender i.e., Bank or NBFC and we would work with that lender for your borrowing
    Yes, it’s possible to make an application to more than one Bank or NBFC for the approval of a Facility.
  • What type of borrowings are facilitated by MonyOrdr?
    MonyOrdr facilitates all types of your borrowing requirements, some of them include: Working Capital Factoring Term Loan Revolving Credit Facility Machinery Loan Fleet finance Project Finance Refinance Finance against Shares Bridge Loan Acquisition Finance Syndicated Loan
  • How do I apply for borrowings on MonyOrdr?
    It takes three simple steps to apply for Borrowings on MonyOrdr: Step 1: Become a member (currently Free Membership) Step 2: Fill up a one-page Facility Form Step 3: Upload Information OR Email Information MonyOrdr does the rest to get the borrowings for you.
  • What would be the charges if I make an application to more than one Bank for a Facility?
    The charge given in the Pricing Plan is per application per Bank i.e., application for each of the Banks would be charged.
  • How secure is our information?
    We take utmost care of your data security and privacy on a 24/7 basis by including several safety features, some of them include: SSL Secured – Keep connections secure and private over an HTTPS connection DDoS Protection – Extensive hacker testing TLS 1.2 – Extra layer to keep all transactions private Level 1 PCI Complaint – the highest level of payment industry standards, keeping your transactions private Monitor 24/7 for any suspicious activity and continually conducts software security reviews No Sharing of information with third parties
  • What is “Advice on Documentation”?
    MonyOrdr advices on the (i) general documentation (ii) security documents (iii) advices on certain points in documentation that company should be considered prior to execution. Its important to take advice on the documentation as all the good work done for expedited approval of the facility could get wasted if the documentation is dragged for a long time.
  • What is “Advice on Drawdown”?
    MonyOrdr advices on (i) steps to be taken to expedite the drawdown (ii) timely completion of Conditions Precedent for the Facility (iii) pre-warning on potential bottlenecks for drawdown. MonyOrdr takes care of potential bottlenecks that could drag the drawdown.
  • What is “Advice on Approval”?
    MonyOrdr comments on (i) variation, if any, of credit approval from the Request for Facility (ii) areas that are potential bottlenecks (iii) covenants (iv) other terms & conditions
  • Who submits the “Request for Facility” to lenders?
    MonyOrdr believes that it’s the company that should formally submit to the lenders. MonyOrdr prepares the “Request for Facility”, which involves Facility Information Memo, Financial Analysis, and Financial Projection Analysis and provides the same to the Company. MonyOrdr would take the lenders thru the proposal during video meetings, manage Q&A with lenders, advise on credit approval, advice on documentation, advice on drawdown, and advice on post drawdown submissions.
  • How much time is required for MonyOrdr to prepare the “Request for Facility”?
    “Request for Facility” includes Facility Information Memo, Financial Analysis, and Financial Projection Analysis. MonyOrdr prepares these documents within 7 working days of receipt of information by the Company. A significant amount of work is required to prepare the Facility Information Memo, which is a well-designed document that describes the company, transaction, management, etc. MonyOrdr undertakes Financial Analysis based on the last three financials and Financial Projections Analysis that analyses the projections. MonyOrdr designs these documents from lenders perspectives so that the queries from the lenders are minimised and time taken to obtain a credit approval is reduced significantly.
  • What are the steps taken by MonyOrdr for the Borrowing process?
    MonyOrdr undertakes the following steps to facilitate the credit approval of Borrowings/Facilities from lenders: i. Prepares a well-designed “Facility Information Memo”, which is structured in the form acceptable to the lenders ii. “Financial Analysis” based on past financials iii. “Financial Projections Analysis” based on projected financials iv. Manage Q&A with lenders v. Video meetings with the lenders vi. Draft and negotiate Term-Sheet vii. Advice on credit approval from lenders viii. Advice on Documentation ix. Advice on Drawdown of Borrowing x. Advice on post drawdown submissions
  • What is a Facility Information Memo?
    Facility Information Memo is drafted by MonyOrdr from the lender’s perspective; it is presented with information that a lender would require for their internal credit assessment.It covers information on Company, proposed Transaction, management, shareholder, products & services, etc.
  • What’s Financial Analysis?
    Lenders would like to have a Financial Analysis of the last three years financials. The analysis includes comments on various dimensions viz. profitability, liquidity, etc.
  • What is Financial Projections Analysis?
    Financial Projections Analysis includes comments and rationale of achievability of projections, comments on the assumptions, a comparison with past financial performance, etc. Lenders look for financial projections to see the going forward financial plan of the company.
  • Who manages Q&A with lenders?
    MonyOrdr manages the Q&A with the lenders. MonyOrdr has an understanding of lenders’ perspectives, their credit assessment process and deep-rooted knowledge of several Industries, which is leveraged by them to manage the Q&A and resolve all the queries of lenders to the complete satisfaction.
  • Why should Company submit the request for Facility to the lender if all the activities regarding it are done by MonyOrdr?
    MonyOrdr believes that formal submission of the request for Facility should be thru the Company; as it reflects positively on the involvement and commitment of the Company for the Facility. However, all the work for its preparation and after the credit approval would be done by MonyOrdr.
  • What is the process for application of Borrowing?
    The application process to apply for Borrowings thru MonyOrdr is quite simple and involves three steps: i. Become a member (membership is Free) ii. Fill out the Facility Application Form iii. Upload the information on the members area or email the information to A checklist of information is provided in the members area, which covers the information typically required to build a Facility Information Memo.
  • Does MonyOrdr guarantee the approval of Facilities?
    MonyOrdr does not guarantee the credit approval of the Facilities.
  • Does MonyOrdr drafts and negotiate Term-Sheet with lenders?
    Yes, MonyOrdr drafts and negotiate Term-Sheet with the lenders.
  • What is “Advice on post drawdown submission”?
    MonyOrdr advices on (i) Conditions Subsequent to the drawdown (ii) documents to be submitted on a regular basis to the lender (iii) potential bottleneck areas.
  • What is submitted to the lender for “Request for Facility”?
    “Request for Facility” is a formal request for Borrowing/Facility from a lender. The following is submitted to the lender as part of the “Request for Facility”: i. Facility Information Memo, ii. Financial Analysis, iii. Financial Projection Analysis, and iv. KYC documents
  • Which KYC documents are submitted along with “Request for Facility”?
    a) Trade License b) Memorandum of Association c) Articles of Association d) Passport copies and Emirates ID of Board of Directors
  • If any document is required to become a member?
    No document is required to become a MonyOrdr Member.
  • What are the charges to become a MonyOrdr member?
    MonyOrdr membership is Free. There isn’t a one-time charge or annual charge to become a MonyOrdr member.
  • What are the benefits of MonyOrdr membership?
    1. Members could request Monyordr to facilitate borrowings for them. 2. Members will have a Free access to the weekly MonyOrdr Newsletter to keep them updated on the latest in financial services 3. Notification on latest trends in Bank Loan Market, Financial Services Industry, etc.
  • Is it possible to get a refund of the fee paid?
    A refund of the fee paid is not possible.
  • When is the payment made for pricing packages?
    Upfront payment for all pricing packages.
  • Is it possible to downgrade from a higher pricing package to a lower pricing package?
    No, it’s not possible to downgrade to a lower pricing package.
  • What are the charges of the various services provided by MonyOrdr?
    The pricing for each of the five pricing package is based on the table given in the pricing tab of this website.
  • What is the mode of payment for the pricing packages?
    The payment to be made by money transfer to company's bank account in UAE.
  • Why upfront payment for pricing packages?
    Significant amount of work is done on an upfront basis for the various activities viz. preparation of Financial Information Memo, Financial Analysis, Financial Projections Analysis, Q&A with lenders, video meetings, etc., which necessitates an upfront payment. The pricing packages are priced extremely competitively. The pricing is not linked as a percentage of the size of the Facility, hence, its well-priced.
  • Is there any other charge other than the pricing mentioned in the pricing tab?
    The charges are as mentioned in the pricing tab in this website. There are no other charges.
  • What are the various pricing packages offered by MonyOrdr?
    MonyOrdr has designed five pricing packages i.e., “Executive”, “Executive Plus”, “Premium”, “Premium Plus” and “Ultimate”. The pricing packages are differentiated based on the activities covered by each of them. “Executive” is a basic package and includes certain activities and “Ultimate” is the top package that covers all the activities.
  • Can a company upgrade from one pricing package to a higher pricing package at any time?
    Yes, it’s possible to upgrade to a higher pricing package by the payment of differential in pricing between the existing pricing package and the higher pricing package.
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